Friday, October 25, 2013

Ton Up NC Highlands is pulling into the paddock.

Cheers, from the mountains of Western North Carolina! 

We are Ton Up NC Highlands. 
members of Ton Up North Carolina ( )  who live in the mountains of WNC.
Listen Up!
sometimes we truck:

sometimes we trailer:

sometimes we wrench:

sometimes we drill:

sometimes we grind:

sometimes we camp:

sometimes it's damp:

sometimes we work:

sometimes we play:

this is our Triton, this is our BSA:

 Every year, we host a vintage motorcycle and cafe racer show called: 'The Meltdown'.
 The Meltdown event draws hundreds of vintage bikes, as well as modern classics, and motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the region. It's a motorcycle enthusiasts dream, offering the enthusiast the opportunity to see in person what would normally be tucked away in a garage or seen only in a magazine or similar publication. We will be updating the blog frequently with info regarding The Meltdown, as well as general information about Ton Up NC Highlands, and what we are up to. Stay tuned, hooligans! (more to come)

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